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Inspired by the streets of Singapore’s Little India, we’re a culture-forward cocktail bar focused on bringing the best of our craft, and traditional trade and ingredients our people have to offer.

All cocktails are $24.

Race Course Plantation

Indian rum, clarified sugarcane, himalayan salt, CO2


Indian gin, nilavembu, 10 day lacto-fermented grapes, pickled gooseberry


Jackfruit distillate, saffron, fermented rose-honey, lotus root crisp

Ghee / Achar

Indian vodka, ghee, achar jelly

Beeda Man

Indian rum, amchoor, paan sorbet

The Mango

Mango distillate, toasted cream, mango ginger bubbles, CO2

King of Toddy

Ceylon arrack, clarified buttermilk & pickled palm seed

Mr Desker

Indian whisky, curry distillate, soy meat

Buffalo Road

Pink guava distillate, vetiver aroma, hybrid lime

Trash / Treasure

Ingredients rotate monthly

Banana King

Caramelised banana distillate, banana vinegar, banana wine, CO2


Indian gin, mint liqueur, 14 days chilli vinegar, thosai crisp

Pina Rasam

Rasam distillate, pineapple vinegar, clarified tomatoes

The Kheer

Indian whisky, sweetened cardamom, coconut caviar

All prices are subjected to prevailing GST and service charge.