A cultured-forward cocktail bar inspired by the people of India.

All cocktails are $25.

No. 1

The New Mango

Gujarat State

Terai Gin, White Sesame Drop, Acid Washed Green Mangoes, Indian Cheese

No. 2

Coastal Finds

Kerala State

Paul John Nirvana Whisky, Kerala TamarindGel, Indian Algae, Sea Coconut Air

No. 3

Made in Kolkata

West Bengal State

Two Indies Rum, Clarified Butter, Ghee,Banana Cider, Mustard

No. 4

Indian Lion

Punjab State

Paul John Nirvana Whisky, Spiced TandooriNectar, Campari, Brined Pearl Onions

No. 5


Andhra Pradesh State

Two Indies Rum, Saffron,Coconut Marshmallow

No. 6

Cocktail Asura

Tamil Nadu State

Two Leaf Distillate (Lime & Curry Leaf), RoastedOrgeat, Charred Curry Meringue

No. 7

Farmer's Joy

Tamil Nadu State

Two Indies Rum, Fermented Rice Wine.Caramelised Camphor, Lacto Turmeric

No. 8

Sinhala Coffee


Ceylon Arrack, Coffee Mead, Kithul,Wood Apple jam

All prices are subjected to prevailing GST and service charge.