Himalayan G.O.A.T
Himalayan G.O.A.T

Himalayan G.O.A.T

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A breath of fresh air in every sip. Infused Hapusa Gin with fresh, spicy flavours, Himalayan G.O.A.T hits the right balance of refreshing tropical notes with the velvety finish.

The secret lies in Tesoro's very own fermented pineapple and peppercorn concoction. Pineapples, green peppercorns and salt are left to ferment for 48 hours before fresh lime and star fruit are added. It's then poured into warm goat milk and left to clarify before being strained, leaving you with a clear, clean-tasting cocktail with a creamy mouthfeel. In conjunction with Tesouro.

Proceeds from these bottles will be donated to help alleviate the impact of COVID on India's hospitality industry. Available for a limited time only.

Recommended home serves

Best served over ice.


Hapusa gin, fermented pineapple, starfruit.


2-3 glasses.


22% alc.