The Mango

The Mango

Fancy a little holiday? The Mango will fizz you away. This is our take on the famous Mango Lassi, but carbonated.


The freshest mangoes from Little India are steeped in gin overnight. Then, we toast the milk powder, green cardamom and curry leaves to extract its aromas, and cook them all.


And that's how we check your senses into an instant vacation. Smell the cardamom on the nose, take a little sip of that joyous effervesce and sit back, friend. You deserve this.  

  • Product Info


    Ripe mangoes and tropical notes



    Velvety cream and crisp curry leaf



    Gin (and a smile on your face)


    Recommended home serve: 

    Chilled and over ice.

    Consume within a day due to carbonation.

  • Serves


    2-3 glasses


    14.5% ABV