The Tekka

The Tekka

In Singapore, we say: "Let's go to Tekka" instead of: "Let's go to Little India". It goes to show how the iconic, colourful Tekka Market represents the whole of Little India.


We were first inspired by the coconut drinking culture in the hawker center section of the market. So we infused coconut oil with rum, for a rich mouth feel.


In the market, you'll also find bananas sold everywhere, as it is considered a celestial fruit in Indian culture. We ferment these bananas for 7 days with Himalayan Salt for a balanced taste and savoury notes. Spiced Palm Jaggery is used to give hints of organic sweetness to our cocktail.


The result? Our signature cocktail that will (as we always like to say) Tekka breath away.

  • Product Info


    Delicate notes of rum and banana



    Coconut sweetness complimented with a hint of Himalayan salt



    Clean finish with a touch of turmeric


    Recommended home serve: 

    Chilled and over ice

  • Serves


    6-8 glasses 


    22.0% ABV


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