Sippin' at 78

Sippin' at 78

This coffee-forward little number will perk you up in more ways than one. Inspired by the Bru Coffee drinking culture in Little India that originated from South India, and our take on the Espresso Martini.  
We made kombucha out of the Bru Coffee Powder, spiced things up with some caramelised onion (an essential ingredient in a traditional Indian breakfast) and named it after the unit number of a very special restaurant in Little India.
It’s a little sweet, just a touch bitter but unmistakably uplifting. A concoction that we dedicate to the simple joys of a good cuppa and flowing conversations.

  • Product info

    Roasted coffee beans and oak
    Hints of sweet and savoury notes from caramelised onions


    Zest from kombucha
    Recommended home serve: 
    Chilled and over ice

  • Serves


    6-8 glasses



    2-3 glasses


    22.0% ABV

Sippin' at 78

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