Indian Summer From SideCar India.

Indian Summer From SideCar India.

Taking on the scorching heat with a boozy Aam Panna is just the way to spend an afternoon. Indian Summer is spiced in every sip, with notes of ginger, green chillies, cardamom, cumin, fennel, black pepper and salt in their Smoked Aam Panna Syrup. Green Mangoes brighten the spices with an added tang, and smoked ghee locks it all in place.


A delightfully sweet and sour mix, Aam Panna is a summer must-have that boasts health benefits such as improving digestion and being rich in vitamin C and iron. Loading it up with some ginger beer, lime juice and a hearty swig of Hapusa Gin only makes it better.

In conjunction with Sidecar India. Proceeds from these bottles will be donated to help alleviate the impact of COVID on India's hospitality industry. Available for a limited time only.

  • Recommended home serve

    • Best served over ice.
  • serves

    2-3 glasses

  • ABV

    22% alc

  • Ingredients

    Hapusa Gin, smoked aam panna, ginger beer

  • Size