Banana King


    We used every part of the banana tree for this one, except for its flowers and leaves. 
    Considered a celestial fruit of the Indian culture, the banana represents prosperity. And in this drink, it provides in abundance. 

    We used the king of bananas (pisang raja) and macerate the faintly gelatinous flesh to ferment — giving us a banana kombucha. Together with Himalayan gin, it gives off a sweet, honey-like taste.

    The skin of the banana is rubbed with sugar and left to soak, causing it to release the bitter flavours. 

    The stem of the banana is not spared either. We juice it to extract the acidic notes.

    We finish it off with sandalwood’s comforting aroma, reminiscent of Little India. Together in harmony, the ingredients will treat your palate to a majestic experience.



    Nose: Sandalwood 
    Taste: Clean, slightly bittersweet. 


    Finish: Lingering sweetness from the nectar.
    Recommended home serve: 
    Chilled and over ice.


    6-8 glasses



    This cocktail is a collaborative effort with Operation Dagger as local bars come together to support each other through this pandemic. #daggermetamorphosis #50bestbars2019 

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