Restaurant Menu

The Elephant Room's food selections are made with ingredients freshly sourced from Little India's Tekka Market. From snacks to full meals, we cater to all tastebuds.

Indian Fried Chicken Burger

Spiced Buttermilk Chicken with Curry Aioli and Pickled Onions

Extra patty - $4

Pappadum & Trio Chutney

Fried Pappadum served with three types of Chutney that rotate monthly



Pickled Vegetables, Peanuts and Anchovies Dust


Garam Masala Hummus

Chickpea Hummus with Garam Masala Spices, served with a side of Chapati


Jackfruit Meatballs

Green Jackfruit, Lentils, Red Chilli


Smoked Pork & Pita Bread

Pull Pork, Smoked Quail Egg, Garlic Pita Bread


Beef Keema & Mash

Spiced Beef Keema, Fenugreek Mash & Pennywort Salad


Chai Panna Cotta

Chai spices, Pistachio crumble


All prices are subjected to prevailing GST and service charge.