Our Story

Silent corners come alive around Mustafa - that's how a new edition to Menu 3.0 came around.

The Beeda Man is a salt of the earth craftsman, toiling at handwrapped beeda to passing labourers from all backgrounds. Beeda (or paan), a spiced calming stimulant, is known across Asia to be chewed for its mild stimulant effects and post-meal digestive properties.

Same foundation, a different approach. Sip on a timeless tradition that's been reimagined.

The culture-forward cocktail bar inspired by Singapore’s Little India

At The Elephant Room, we celebrate culture and further it through our cocktails and food. We're inspired by the culture, trade, people and history of Singapore's Little India. And we bring these stories to your palate in the most surprising ways possible.

For starters, all our ingredients are freshly sourced from Tekka Market and its surroundings.


And when you step into our bar, you’ll notice little details, like our welcoming aprons, sewn with leftover saree cloths from Little India. ​

Or the rows of infusions and fermentations on our shelves, each with its own tale to tell. And the uncommon spirits we acquire only from India. ​

One drink and plate at a time, our ambition is sincere and simple: To take an often under-documented culture and spread it to the world in all of its richness, colour and delight.

Along that journey, we look to the humble yet majestic elephant to inspire us. It’s a symbol of loyalty, companionship and unity. And so we’ll always stay true to our identity and work tirelessly to bring one and all to the table — for a vibrant exchange of views, warm kinship or just the simple joys of a good drink, savoured together.

Welcome to The Elephant Room, friends.